Since 1996 we have been offering under the name INGENIEUR BÜRO DÖRRE our customers in the manufacturing sector expert know-how.

Since the time of its foundation the seat of the company has been in Wenden in the district of Olpe. When it was first formed, the company was active in the main in the provision of the following engineering services:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical design
  • Fluid / process engineering
  • Development of complete filtration systems

The concepts as prepared and tested were turned into successful products. In the early years these were manufactured 100 % by other firms. Then successively the company built up its own production facilities. The successful carrying on of business on the world-wide market led to continuous growth. Starting with electro-technical controls, the firm of IBD has extended its production facilities step by step so that it is in a position to meet the requirements of its customers flexibly, reliably and individually – and to do this around the world.


The firm of IBD SOLUTIONS GMBH manufactures central preparation systems for process fluids and systems for transporting solids (e.g. chips). We offer interested parties innovative concepts for the holistic integration of our systems into the production sequences as given.

In central systems waste materials are worked up into reusable materials. With account being taken of the technical circumstances, we endeavour to use systems which do not require filtration auxiliaries such as paper belt filters and which require only very low inputs of energy.

This saves costs and brings enormous benefits in respect of production quality.

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of systems that sells products but as an enterprise that works out and realizes SOLUTIONS matched individually to the particular production operation.


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Transferring of the operative business into the GmbH

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008

Certification as a specialist enterprise in accordance with the Federal German Water Resources Act

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Move into a production shop at Im Ruttenberge 14 in Gerlingen

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Construction of a new office building at Schubertstraße 53 in Möllmicke

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Founding of the firm of INGENIEUR BÜRO DÖRRE